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by Kate Ashforth 10 months ago in inspirational · updated 10 months ago
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The essence of everything that is familiar.

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

So far away,

Loneliness creeps in,

Longing for familiar comfort,

That only closeness brings.

Heart pumps with contemplation,

Time linear until the moment,

Walking through that door,

Yours senses are awoken.

Memories linger in every crevice,

The essence of connection,

Voices drift around us,

The sound of unspoken affection.

The walls contain the history,

Whilst letting stories breathe,

Knowing is not a mystery,

Love nestled inbetween.

Emotions are vast- yet accepted,

Within- you can be yourself,

A place of human investment,

An abode of ancestoral wealth.

Anticipation of a warm embrace,

Tenderness is found on entry,

Home is a wholly satisfying feast,

Your soul is never empty.


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Kate Ashforth

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