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What the fuck?

By Estrella CabadaPublished 7 years ago 1 min read

Confusion is the guy that told you he'd never leave you but did.

Confusion is the guy that cheated on you over and over again.

Confusion is the life you lived up until now.

When confusion comes

he dosn't care who you're with.

When confusion comes

he dosn't care that you are too young to understand sexuality yet.

When confusion comes

he dosn't care that you just woke up and won't remeber a thing

His words are the slow sob of a person when life goes to shit.

His words are a a mix of who, what, when, where, and why.

His words are a small shortcut of "I don't understand," or "I don't get it." In other words, "huh" with a question mark at the end of it.

He will come at the drip of an empty bottle.

He will come at the end of the last few words you missed.

He will come at the moment your heart breaks.

It's like,

he was there the whole time and you just didn't realise it yet,

until he got up and left.

It's like,

he lives in the basement of your mind

but only comes out at the worst moments.

It's like,

he was hiding in the attic of your emotions like a hungry mouse

but he only makes noise when you're having a conversation.

But when he leaves, oh, but when he leaves;

everything becomes clearer,

he leaves your place a mess

he takes your car

and the spare keys with him.

You look back and realize, "He stole my good plates, too?"

and you shout "Confusion, what the fuck!"

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About the Creator

Estrella Cabada

I'm defined by nothing but my own actions. I left with words unspoken and secrets never broken.

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    Estrella CabadaWritten by Estrella Cabada

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