by Harydo Neon 6 months ago in slam poetry



Let's go right but I prefer left

In love with cleanliness with a room unkept

Want to be alone but want to have friends

Want to have biscuits? No, I would rather have bread

Little details of my life on a grand scale

Discipline weighing low on my life's scale

I heard dead men tell no tales

I thought I settled transposition but it grew tails

Bind my hands and lock me up for days

No human contact, just me and sunrays

But tell my friends I hate it when they don't visit

Tell them it is cool though cause I don't want pity

Been trying so hard but I don't think I can escape

And it's getting worse and worse, day after day

I can feel the gloom reaching out, over me

Sucking the life till it all decays

When it comes, it does without instructions

How am I supposed to know which option to choose

How do I deal with the consequences when it turns out to be doom

Don't ask me, I just want to be chained and locked in a room

Let' go up but I prefer down

I love bread in white, still buy them brown

Hate spotlights but live for the crown

Number one rule? Yeah I broke it,. Wow

slam poetry
Harydo Neon
Harydo Neon
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Harydo Neon

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