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By Laura DiNovis BerryPublished 6 years ago 1 min read

The princess slept; she

had been cursed,

but I would be her guard.

I washed her body,

kissed her face,

slept with her close to me.

I brushed her hair and

hung the sheets-

at night whispered, “My queen.”

She sighed in her sleep,

rolled her neck,

murmured at her pleasure.

In the dark, she was alive under me.

In the day, I wept on my knees.

Under the moon, a beast was released.

Under the sun, I was blessed.

But the truth will out.

I can see,

the effect of my sin.

Her body has changed-

it has grown.

I feel the kicking feet.

What horror she’ll face.

When she wakes-

what will she think of me?

I fought the dragon,

cleaned her skin,

but failed to slay the beast.

sad poetry

About the Creator

Laura DiNovis Berry

Welcome! I provide free book reviews for modern poets! At the end of the year, 10% of all earnings and donations will be given to a non profit organization. This year you will all be helping Lambda Literary! Thank you!

Twitter: @poetryberry

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