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Comfort is Wild

by Mark Shaw 2 months ago in nature poetry
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Comfort is Wild
Photo by veeterzy on Unsplash

Comfort is grand

As the majestic mountains.

Comfort is securing

As a mother bear.

Comfort is soothing

As the lavish fountains.

Comfort is peaceful

As a grazing hare.

Comfort is the smell

Of fresh pine cones.

Comfort is hearing

A stream over stones.

Comfort is bright

As the warming sun.

Comfort is incredible

As a waterfall roaring.

Comfort is hearty

As a Mare's run.

Comfort is sensational

As an Eagle soaring.

Comfort is the sight

Of watching life strive.

Comfort feels like

What it means to be alive.

Comfort is Flourishing

As deep as a forest.

Comfort is calm

As the lake or pond.

Comfort is tranquil

As the bird's chorus.

Comfort is strong

As nature's bond.

Comfort tastes like

A great feast.

Comfort means to me

Being in a place of peace.

Comfort is humbling

As laying in the grass.

Comfort is inspiring

As growing trees.

Comfort is glamorous

As catching a big bass.

Comfort is wild

As the blowing breeze.

Comfort is mother nature

And all her endeavors.

Comfort to me is being

Wild and free forever.

nature poetry

About the author

Mark Shaw

I began writing lyrics and stories back in high school. Even went as far as publishing a poem online and it being in a book. As with film a picture can say a thousand words and show emotion, but audio triggers that emotion.

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