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Comfort I keep

By SE Allen

By Suzanne Allen Published 6 months ago 1 min read
Fall Pic by Lake 2017

Warm rays of sunshine, filter through the blinds.

Sleepy, reach under the covers, your hand in mine.

Comfort I find.

Puttering around the cold kitchen floor, in our bare feet.

Smell of coffee brewing, wafting in the air as it greets.

Comfort I seek.

Cool brisk wind across my face, coffee mug in my grip.

Autumn has arrived, warm and chilly air, starting to mix.

Comfort in that first sip.

Walking hand and hand over the fallen leaves.

Sound of water lapping at the shore, wind through the trees.

Comfort in our rhythm and beat.

A new season has arrived, crisp and clean.

Hostile summer heat is gone, winter cold will be serene.

Comfort found in you and me.

nature poetry

About the Creator

Suzanne Allen

Discovering my creative voice in the words that find their way onto the page. Originally started writing the first time in 2015 while attending therapy to finally work on the trauma that was my life. On the page my thoughts are free.

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