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Comes With the Rain

by Mark Swartz 4 years ago in surreal poetry

It comes with the rain.

It comes with the rain,

It waits for your power to cut out.

When it’s dark, and you scurry about.

It follows you, step by step,

As you light your candles,

It hides in the shadows.

It is there.

With you in your home.

You hear nothing but the downpour

Of the rain in the outdoor.

You hear nothing but the blowing

Of the violent gust as it whistles.

You see nothing but the hue

Of the candle flame.

You feel nothing but

The suspicion that something isn’t right.

It’s there with you, waiting to fright.

It watches you as you sit reading this poem.

It watches you as you wait for the storm to pass.

It is there, stalking you.

It blows out the flame of the candle.

It breathes behind you,

Blowing its breath on your neck.

Giving you chills.

Then it kills.

It was a gruesome slaying,

As it came when it was raining.

surreal poetry

Mark Swartz

Author of some scary stories. Poet of some decent poetry.

Loves reading and writing books. Loves watching and occasionally making movies.

Genres: Horror, Thriller, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Poetry

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Mark Swartz
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