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Come Check Out This Sneak Peak, Before Buying My Second Poetry Debut “Scrapbook”!

It’s already out for sale on Amazon

By Talia DevoraPublished about a year ago 2 min read
Come Check Out This Sneak Peak, Before Buying My Second Poetry Debut “Scrapbook”!
Photo by Doriana Dream on Unsplash

This February, my second poetry debut “Scrapbook” came to life! It took me 8-10 months to produce this beautiful gem. It was worth the time, stress, effort, weeks, months, days, and hours!

Scrapbook is a collection of poems that talk about some of the happiest memories I’ve made throughout the years. I had the desire to write a poetry book about some of the positive memories I’ve made, because I wanted to tell people that I also have lived and currently live a productive, happy, and positive life, and how it’s not all negative. I also wanted to share my loves with the whole world, because I enjoy talking about myself.

Before you purchase my book, I’m inviting you to read this excerpt from Scrapbook. Hopefully, you adore it enough to want to purchase it, and/or add it to your TBR lists!

1. The Young Craftswoman- haiku

By June Gathercole on Unsplash

Wooden craft needles

balls of multicoloured yarn;

I had busy hands!

2. Cowgirl- cinquain

By Helena Lopes on Unsplash

Young girl

hanging around

unrushed, slowly, at will

a new animal friend to make

a mare.

3. At The Spa- haiku

By Haley Phelps on Unsplash

A hushed indoor spring

took a dip in the H20;

hello contentment!

4. The Birthday Of The Tree- free verse

By Simon Wilkes on Unsplash

Happy birthday tree!

Without you,

we wouldn’t have survived.

You’re the reason

why we’re still alive.

We’re thankful for your presence

and everlasting friendship.

We thank you for giving us

the freedom to enjoy the fruits

you’ve harvested over the years.

5. Welcome To Junior High- free verse

By Jisun Han on Unsplash

My gut

was flooded

with flies, tadpoles, flowers,

and splashes of colour.

I was psyched

to turn this page

of my memoir.

On September 7th, 2010,

I hopped into

the vast, ochre-bricked,

and 1970's resembling building.

I finally turned

the page

of this book,

as quickly as I could.

6. Prom- acrostic

By Alexander Grey on Unsplash

Poised woman clothed in her

Royal garment, stood tall and gorgeous

Open-heartedly entered the dance floor

Moments of pure merriment, cavorting, and chit-chatting mindlessly.

7. Cruising- haiku

By Georgy Trofimov on Unsplash

Floated away

lived on a holiday boat;

had a superb week!

8. Zoopark- cinquain

By Hugo Herrera on Unsplash


multiple kinds

furry, prickly, silky

mammals, birds, primates, reptiles, frogs

the zoo.

9. Sushi Rolls- free verse

By Vinicius Benedit on Unsplash

Chopsticks in my blush-coloured hands

ready to courageously scarf down

those salmon and spicy tuna sushi rolls!

Sushi rolls became my new best buddies

that I didn't want to neglect;

my little, chubby, hungry belly kept shouting,


10. Chicken Soup- free verse

By sunorwind on Unsplash

A precious bowl of

golden chicken soup broth,

and curly yellow egg noodles

is the traditional Jewish cure

to all physical, mental, and emotional


By Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Thank you for taking the time to read another one of my poetry collections. If you enjoyed this collection, please give it a ❤️, share it with others, comment, and please send me a tip/pledge to show your appreciation and support. To find and read more exciting content, please consider subscribing and visiting my public profile. Stay tuned for more poetry, stories, recipes, and much more!

Please feel free to stay in touch with me!

IG: @tdwrites24

FB: Talia Devora

By Jack Blueberry on Unsplash

Please feel free to click on the link below to buy Scrapbook!


About the Creator

Talia Devora

Poetess, visual artist and lifestyle/quiz writer! My pastimes include reading, sleeping, gaming, music, fitness, etc! Be yourselves, be kind and value life! Let's connect and be friends!

My IG accounts: @tdwrites24 & @tdcreates97

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Comments (3)

  • Testabout a year ago

    Well done, Talia! I hope you sell many copies of your book!

  • Halden Mileabout a year ago

    Great collection. I need to finish my second collection for publication!

  • Mariann Carrollabout a year ago

    These are refreshing beautiful poems just like the beautiful cover of your book. These be a nice spring gift as well. It is definitely worth the hard work . 🥰

Talia DevoraWritten by Talia Devora

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