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by POETSKY about a year ago in nature poetry
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0.0035 percent,

is all my eye can see!

Blinkered within this tapestry,

of magnificent artistry;

Three primary colours!

Seven in a rainbow!

And like musical notes...

There's no limit to the show!

My eye can perceive,

up to ten million,



One fish in a sea...

of beautiful radiation!

With a narrow view,

of the whole spectrum;

I've seen Rubies, London buses,

Blood, and Red Tomatoes...

Green Grass, Green Leaves,

The Hulk! and Advocados;

Seen Blue Skies, and Blue Seas,

I've seen Complete Combustion;

Seen Screen Light, seen Blue Lights...

I like Walkers Cheese and Onion;

I've seen RED, GREEN and BLUE,

become one within WHITE;

Seen people connect,

and thus reflect light!

I've told white lies...

Heard a whitewash or two;

Seen areas turn grey...

Like a UFO!... it's true!

I'm not young, nor green,

not quite old and grey;

There's grey matter in me;

Grey to me's a... drab day;

Black absorbs light!

Black holes! Black Monday! Black death!

If the stars failed to shine...

Black is all we'd have left!

The hues, of human beings,

occipitals, and perceptions,

Often cause me to pause...

For some somber reflection!


Too narrow a view!

When I ponder,

fields, forces, and frequencies too...

Upon particles, and waves,

my emotions ride;

Seeing Red, Blacking out,

or feeling Green eyed...

Feeling the Blues,

and emptiness of Grey...

Association, and connotation,

are how colours play!

My joy, is always yellow!

Like sunshine that is bright;

My go aheads, are green;

Any purity... is white;

When I see a red flag,

or a red traffic light...

There's much more, to the story!

Than I see alone...with sight!

nature poetry

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