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Colors of the Soul

by Adaline Archer 2 days ago in inspirational

What if?

What if the color of us reflected the true face of our soul? When we are born into this world we are a blank canvas, no colors, no happiness nor sorrow, no nothing. Only blank all around. As we grow we feel the pallor colors from within start to bloom into full-blown hues. What if the rusty red revealed a soul drowning in distress, the gloomy blue perhaps, pictured the real you? What about the white hue trimmed with a golden lace that mirrored tranquility and grace stored just below the surface? Or the pastel pink that illustrates the innocence, now peppered with the bleakest black of a now sinful soul. As people would walk down the street there would be a fusion of colors, turquoise, scarlet, lavender, navy, and everything in between that comes together to make a masterpiece on the canvas of this world. As the sun rises the ones watching it whole heartedly would shift from scarlet to vermillion, to golden yellow then to baby blue, as they bask in the glow of a new day. What if life is not what we think? What if we are all living in assumptions and nothing more? Most colors that you come across will be forgettable, but every once in a while there will be someone with a color that alters everything. What if you saw someone who was the exact same color as you? You start to mimic each others colors, and before you know it you are understood without even having to say anything, as you become each others complementary colors. What if you could see that someone was feeling their deepest sorrows? Would you think twice about how you treat them, if you knew that they were not fine, even though they insist they are?

What if every color spoke a thousand words? Perhaps people would look more beautiful then.

Adaline Archer
Adaline Archer
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