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Cold Night for Nips

by Yona Vaughan 8 months ago in slam poetry

By Yona Vaughan

Cold Night for Nips 

Freezing asses for fashion to ignite

a man or woman's passions.

They'd do better to ration out the skin exposure

and achieve closure from a cold pose.


Styling frozen toes outside the club,

they rub hands to keep warm before fingers

form into nubs that are forever lost when frost

takes a bite.


You're looking hot tonight with those cold

cheeks seeking heat to warm buns

while penguins poke fun at your muddled



Scuttle on home where I'm sure you own

a coat. Get a scarf to cover your throat and tote

more than the loin cloth covering your groin.


Join a little sanity that stops vanity's control

of having you stroll unprotected from the cold

like a half-naked snowman.

Excerpt From

Eat Your Spinach

by Yona Vaughan

slam poetry

Yona Vaughan

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Yona Vaughan
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