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by Charlotte Eden Morris 4 months ago in art
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The delight of this, the happiness it brings, how it is shared.

Photo by Fahmi Fakhrudin on Unsplash

The delight of this, the way it is made,

The happiness it brings, the joy it makes,

How it is shared, and how it is not,

Coffee, how big are the joys of this little cup.

The delight of this, the simple warm mugs,

The happiness it brings, the service smiles and conversational prompts,

How it is shared, through every culture and place,

Coffee, the real hugs are always brought in some kind of mug.

The delight of this, the inviting nature of cafes,

The happiness it brings, sharing coffee with those unacquainted,

How it is shared, when we all sit around,

Coffee, the way it lets many walks of life share one roof.

The delight of this, words between steamed milk and hanging art,

The happiness it brings, dipping swirls of pastry like paint strokes on canvas,

How it is shared, watching strangers race by,

Coffee, the sit down, stop, and calm, of the busy world outside.


About the author

Charlotte Eden Morris

Big imagination, happy heart, black and white words.

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