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A Limerick

By Babs IversonPublished 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 1 min read
Pexels.com by Manar Rajeep

Bozo Bozo the circus clown

acted and clowned around the town.

Performing a trick.

He was not very quick

turning tumbling him on his crown..

Writer's notes: This poem is entered into the Ludicrous Limerick Challenge.

According to Vocal media, "The Prompt

Write a limerick about the absurdities of life.

What is a limerick?

Rhyme scheme: Limericks are poems that follow an AABBA rhyme scheme. They typically consist of five lines, where the first, second, and fifth lines rhyme with each other and the third and fourth lines rhyme with each other.

Humor: Limericks are often humorous, whimsical, or absurd in tone. They may include puns, wordplay, or exaggerations.

Narrative: Limericks may tell a brief story, with punchline or twist at the end.

In order to qualify as a limerick, your submission must meet the following requirements.

It must be five lines.

The first, second, and fifth lines must rhyme with each other.

The third and fourth lines must rhyme with each other.

It must be submitted to the Poets community. Choosing a community is a final step in the submission process. Your poem will be rejected for word count requirements if it is submitted to any other community."

Thank you for reading. You are appreciated.

Quote from https://vocal.media/challenges/ludicrous-limerick

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About the Creator

Babs Iverson

Barbara J Iversen, also known as Babs Iverson, lives in Texas and loves her grandkids to the moon and back. After writing one story, she found that writing has many benefits especially during a pandemic and a Texas-size Arctic Blast.

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Excellent work. Looking forward to reading more!

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  1. Excellent storytelling

    Original narrative & well developed characters

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  • Tiffany Gordon about a month ago

    Clever piece!

  • But we know you don't need to follow the rule, good effort though and it is a real limerick.

  • Novel Allen2 months ago

    Funny clown.

  • C. H. Richard2 months ago

    Ah poor Bozo♥️ Nicely done!

  • Mariann Carroll2 months ago

    Excellent, love the visual action words 👍🫶🏽

  • Lisa A Lachapelle2 months ago

    Great, entertaining poem, luv it

  • J. S. Wade2 months ago

    Fun. I can see it now ! 😂

  • Colt Henderson2 months ago


  • Lamar Wiggins2 months ago

    This was fun...Maybe not for the clown, but we need more fun in life. Thank you for sharing.

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