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Cloud That Wants To Rest

In the arms of the trees

By somsubhra banerjeePublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Cloud That Wants To Rest
Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

A floating cloud, weary of traversing kilometers thousand,

asks an old farmhouse falling in its route,

"Can I rest, a little bit in that cozy bed of yours,

I promise I shall float through the closed window, have a little moment to myself,

and then float away through the other,

if you open your window?"


The old farmhouse looked at the weary traveler,

"I wish I could let you stay for some time,

but there's a heater running inside,

and that won't be good for you,

you'll turn to vapour within no time,

before you could sneak out the other way,

I am so sorry, but you have to bypass the old farmhouse."


The floating cloud traversed on and on, getting tired and sick,

hoping for some more clouds to gather so that they could,

probably rain together, but alas.


Is that a pine tree or a fir?

"Can I rest a little bit on your leafy branches,

just a little bit before I journey forward,

dear tree?"


The sleepy tree looked at the weary traveler,

"sure you can, friend,

rest on my branches for how much you want,

I am alone for quite some time,

the other trees around me, all cut down,

come and have some rest, while we chat together,

enjoying the view from the hilltop."

The cloud smiled.


surreal poetry

About the Creator

somsubhra banerjee

Loves mountains, sea waves, old buildings, petrichor, sound of night crickets, haiku, kintsukuroi , books, dogs, silences and also cacophonies!

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