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Clock Work


By Business managementPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

A ticking sound with every beat

A mechanism so finely tuned

With gears and springs, oh so neat

It's never missed a single moon

A heart of gold, a heart of steel

It beats with rhythm, steady pace

No need for love, no need to feel

It's clockwork, nothing more, no trace

It chimes the hours, every one

It winds itself, no hand in play

It never stops, no setting sun

A heart that works, night and day

A symbol of the man it serves

No room for love, no room for pain

No hopes, no dreams, just what it preserves

An existence, just not humane

A ticking clock, a heart in chain

A life of routine, a life in vain

The clockwork heart, forever unchained.

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