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Climbing a mountain and encountering rain

Dozens of lines of light rain

By Goli ShaniPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Climbing a mountain and encountering rain
Photo by Evelina Friman on Unsplash

Dozens of lines of light rain

It falls crookedly and weaves into thousands of rows

Falling into the mountains

Hanging up like the old painting in the private collection

Falling in the distance, blurred

The undulating mountains seem to be seen through the curtain

At first glance, it looks like a group of

Curvy hips

It takes a long time to see

The white snake-like stream follows the sound of rain

The panting crawls along the way

The pine with black umbrella

and disappeared into the shadow of the umbrella

Down to the bottom

Feinstein with a big red cap

Stamped without discussion

Signed by a woodcutter passing by the pavilion

Down the mountain

Rolled up with the sound of rain

Inserted into the back pocket

surreal poetry

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Goli Shani

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    Goli ShaniWritten by Goli Shani

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