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Clicking ticking

by Angel Tejada 10 months ago in art · updated 10 months ago
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Tic click


Tic Click tic click tic click tic click!!!!

Getting louder and louder as the latched is unlatched, a little tappity tap, twist and knock the box but the tic toc doesn’t stop.

Tic click tic click tic click tic click!!!!!

Enough sweat in Sebastian’s hands help grip the mysterious clicking time box as he takes in his breath.

Nothing’s left in the depths in this endless cave, steps away from a slave, to enslave the mind in this game he has to play…

Many years have passed but who’s to say…

“I’ve Come this far to walk away for this puzzle I must convey.”

For it is the game that has forsaken the stakes.

He twists the box to hear one bop, the next two clicks are the next two tocs, and a sharp needle needless to say put our young lad to a stop,

Catching his thumb quickly turning numb the tics starting to clock with each tic it goes on.

Tic click tic click tic click tic click!!!!

His heart beat carrying the song.

time after time,

there’s more time,

if you find your time,

then your time is your time,

A slow calm breath slows down time, while The accelerated mind speeds the beat to your life.

Click tic click tic click tic click tic!!!!

It’s his time to choose.

He tosses it in air.. he has nothing to lose.

In Slow motion, it spins gracefully over his head.

with care, more sharp pins flew everywhere,

Quickly through his one ear it snared,

To land with a note that is now sitting on a chair.

With One hand up he catches the new dimensions of his box and stares.

It reads;

“there is no secret when the secret is you.”

“You’re the whole soul society.”

Almost there?

Click tic click tic tic



The tic stops. With a flash surrounding the tip of the box, and it seems like the tic had its final tickity toc. Sebastian gets sucked into the light, whooooshhh!

With out a trail landing on a bench in plain sight. He looks around with a new outlook. not a cut, bruise or a spike.

He looks down to see a brown paper bag, then hears the sound while his heart quickly sank,

Then in a few moments the ticking began,

Click tic click tic click tic click tic!!!!!

Quickly catching his breath, knowing too well what was going on.

He’s been carrying the burden to this futile attempt for far too long.

Only he can control what we he can do. Which steps to take learning how to unbox the gift.

Quick as the tics depending how much you want to learn the tricks.

Sebastian depends on this. A Survivalist. A cleanched fist.

In the midst of all midst.

“Again with this” (he sighs)

He’s stuck in a loophole,

the whole world layers around him as he dazes into the mist.

All the phases in his mind couldn’t erase it nope, not like this.

Which paths did he take, what traps did he face, how did he correct his awful mistakes?

How many times did hear the tics with each turn that was made.

But within each stake there is a break in which he takes the tic clicks away.

Sebastian quickly laughs ending in another sigh.

At times….

with each click sparks up the mind, leaving all of the tic clicks far behind.

The tic clicks are far behind now… don’t worry again.

But the last tic is never the end.

Tic Click!!!!!


About the author

Angel Tejada

artist name is Dr.Rolls.


Love and done.

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