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Cleaning Cloth

Based on a recent incident when i failed to find the cleaning cloth to clean up the aftermath of my cooking

By ravifcboultPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Cleaning Cloth
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I am a cleaning cloth,

Washed and ready to serve,

I wait in my drawer,

With my friends, all alike.

I am made to scrub and shine,

To wipe away the grime,

To polish and to scour,

To make everything feel fine.

But sometimes I am overlooked,

Left to gather dust,

Forgotten in the corner,

Unneeded, I must.

But when the time arrives,

And my purpose is clear,

I am called upon to work,

To help make everything appear.

I am scrubbed and wrung and used,

I work until the job is done,

I may be dirty and worn,

But I have helped to make it fun.

And when my task is finished,

I am washed and hung to dry,

I rest until the next time,

When I will be ready to try.

I am a cleaning cloth,

Ready to serve with might,

I am here to clean and shine,

To make everything feel right.

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