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City Beyond The Skies

A dream that sets your spirit free...

By π•½π–”π–žπ–†π–‘ π•Ώπ–Žπ–Œπ–Šπ–— Published 4 months ago β€’ 1 min read
City Beyond The Skies
Photo by Piotr Chrobot on Unsplash

High above the clouds, a city lies,

Beyond the reach of earthly ties,

Its towers tall, its lights aglow,

A place that few may ever know.

In this city beyond the skies,

The air is pure, the views are wise,

No traffic noise, no cluttered streets,

Just peaceful calm and wondrous feats.

The people here are free to fly,

To soar and glide, to touch the sky,

They move with grace, their spirits high,

Exploring realms we can't espy.

Their homes are perched upon the clouds,

With gardens bright and suns endowed,

And every moment seems sublime,

In this wondrous city beyond time.

So if you ever chance to see,

This city in the sky so free,

Just close your eyes and let it be,

A dream that sets your spirit free.

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I am an author-poet who turns moments into multiverses. Nature, Human Behaviours, and Society Factors inspire me the most. If you find my articles interesting, please consider leaving a ❀️, comment and Insight.

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