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Christmas Poems

by Eva 2 months ago in childrens poetry
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2 Christmas Poems for you to enjoy. Share the joy by writing it on a Christmas card.

Christmas Poems
Photo by Chad Madden on Unsplash

Wax Candles burning bright,

It is such a delight.

Celebrating by the firelight.

That baby king born one cloudless night.

The king is born!

Blow the horns!

Merry Christmas, the baby is born.

Merry Christmas, he is lightly adorned.

Forget everything else, let's celebrate!

Forget everything, even that hate.

Let's celebrate with lots of cheers !

Let's celebrate with our peers !

Merry Christmas!!!

Excitement running through my veins

Running around the house I proclaim

It's Christmas! Let's open our presents

and find out it's lovely contents

Toys, food all very neatly wrapped up

I hope I do not get a measuring cup

Merry Christmas

childrens poetry

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