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Choose To Be...

by CreativeKee 9 months ago in surreal poetry
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I am home, are you?

Choose To Be...
Photo by Melissa Askew on Unsplash

Our lives are filled with the unknown

Apartments crumble, Houses burn

Cars give out, no forewarning earned.

People turn, they fade away.

Some in death, some awake, but in their presence, they're gone the same.

Change is constant, that's for certain.

No matter what memories we manage to save.

Not all battles are won, some races are never run.

Our trials don't last forever, but often a new one has begun.

Justice is subjective and visions get blurry.

In this life that we live, nothing ever stays the same.

It's the truth we discover in the journey of life's game.

We all search for love; whether in relationships, careers, or self.

But even if we manage to obtain, who is to guarantee it will all somehow remain?

So what is a Home, if nothing is maintained?

Home is a presence, it's wherever you are. No matter where you go.

Home is where you are!

Every day you live you are home. A home cannot be taken away.

Only a place in which you choose whether or not to stay.

Joy is home

Happiness is home


I urge you not to seek.

I encourage you to choose to be!

Just be home.

So that it may be wherever you presently chose to be.

Whether you live in a house, a car, a shelter, a box, or nowhere at all....

Whether you are surrounded by some, none, or many to catch you if you fall.

Be home. Choose home. Because it is with you through it all.

Home is a presence, one in which you choose to dwell. If you choose to keep it with you, it will always serve you well.

Just as the sun and moon shine bright without our asking, whether you realize or not it is there.

So is the home you seek, patiently waiting for you to recognize its glare.

You are home.

Choose to be, soon, you will realize there is no fee. No thirty-year mortgage is required of thee.

No revolving door with an 'Exit' or 'Welcome'.

Only a presence in which one chooses, to truly just be.

You may think that you're a stranger, a guest in your own home.

That's only for a moment, once your fear of just being has gone on.

So when you open your eyes, say " Thank you, I am home" because to be in this presence is what you sought for so long.

You never need to seek. To be home is to be free!

Free of desire, free of judgment, free of what never has and never will serve you.

Home is a place for you and me to share equally, freely, and eternally!

Not to be compared, but observed as neighbors, in one conscious community.

No gates, no restrictions, no dues to be paid.

Only space and opportunity is where our home's foundations are laid.

The land is there and waiting for you to be.

To Be ready, To Be inspired, To Be Home, and Enjoy Happily.

I am home, are you?

And if not, when will you make the conscious choice to be?

Home, a special place. For someone like you.....and me!

Home is to be carried in your heart. There, it will never leave you and neither will you ever leave it. The Presence.

I am home, are you?

surreal poetry

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"Don't settle for a life that satisfies you, create a life you love!"

"I choose happy, always."


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