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Check Me in with Dr. Freud

by Ashley Tong 4 years ago in surreal poetry
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A Poem Inspired by Ignorance

Notwithstanding the morning sky

crystal clear and ever so bright

Was it the sound of a million sighs

in that despairing grey matter of mine

Riddles, mischiefs, tales, and lies

Ironies are soaring high

Attempts to abnegate the question why

on this planet they stubbornly reside

Humanity has arrived at closing time

What that entails is out of line

One could blame the philistines

Those with untold amounts of ludicrous pride

O thou shall pardon me and my lexical choice

These are sentiments I simply can’t avoid

I sure condone no schadenfreude

But a session is needed with doctor Freud

surreal poetry

About the author

Ashley Tong

If I were a painter, linguistics would be my palette, and poetry my favourite brush. If I were an artist, nature would be my muse, and music my companion, and I shall endeavour to depict life as I see it.


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