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Charming Cadenzas and Cherished Classics

A Musical Journey Through Time

By Helen SmithPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Charming Cadenzas and Cherished Classics
Photo by Rob Simmons on Unsplash

Crimson curtains, cascading down,

Classy concerts, in the grand old town,

Charismatic conductors, in crisp white coats,

Crisp classical notes, that float and bloat.

Cymbals clashing, creating a commotion,

Clarinet crooning, in complete devotion,

Chorus chanting, in perfect harmony,

Cello's captivating, in sweetest symphony.

Captivating concertos, played with care,

Clarion calls, to fill the air,

Composed cadenzas, so cleverly crafted,

Cherished compositions, that never outlasted.

Cherished classics, with charm and poise,

Composers of old, that left us with joys,

Cultural creations, that will never fade,

Celebrated by many, for decades they've stayed.

By Robert Collins on Unsplash

Copyright © 2023 Helen Smith. All rights reserved.

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