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Channeling My Inner Sea World

The desires of my soul

By Goddess CuervoPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
Channeling My Inner Sea World
Photo by K. Mitch Hodge on Unsplash

Tuning in, I channel the other side

The fantasies of me swimming in the thoughts of the mermaids,

Watching me eat their Queen’s insides,

Why not join me…

They look so terrified,

Smothering my face in their indulging fear

I’m enjoying this,

I remember the last time I was free,

I was there in the garden,

Convincing her to try the forbidden fruit on the forbidden tree,

The dead spirits got excited,

Delighted in the sacrifice of her soul,

His soul,

And all the other souls volunteering their souls and don’t know,

Wake up and the sun is dripping blood,

Oh how lovely,

What have i done….

The mermaids,

Their savory organs taste so yum,

I’ll save their skin just for fun,

Using their skulls to create the shape of the bright and beautiful yellow sun,

It consumed me again,

I happily dance inverted along the constellations of the stars….

-oXoxo Cuervo

surreal poetryfact or fiction

About the Creator

Goddess Cuervo

I love writing and expressing myself in artistic ways with words....This reality is not only in my head.. 🖤🕷️..

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    Goddess CuervoWritten by Goddess Cuervo

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