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Celestial Slumbers

by River Gilliam about a year ago in surreal poetry
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Dreaming of You

via Anonymous

Last night, the Moon

Spilled itself over me

Like honey

Dripping from glass jars

All over my tender lips

Sweet honey

Trickling down my chin

I dreamed that

The man in the Moon

Kissed me

For the very first time

Last night, I dreamed

That I fell in love

With the blanket of burning-amber


And the nighttime


And the Moon itself

Swallowed me whole

And deep in my fantasies

Of celestial slumbers

I dreamed

That you were the man

In the Moon

I never close my eyes to rest

I only close my eyes

To see you

In the castle of dreams

Where we become reality

And I cradle your hazel irises

In my hands

And when I fall asleep

I still tend to dream

Of another realm

And I wish I could just stay there

Where our subconscious is lucid

And our senses are surreal

And our bodies are left behind

So we are free to be astral

Soaring through the cosmos

We are beings of light

In the castle of dreams

Deep in my fantasies

Of celestial slumbers

You pour yourself over me

Like golden honey


I’ll hang myself

On the crescent Moon

surreal poetry

About the author

River Gilliam

My dad always said he knew I was going to be a poet because I was crying before I had even completely left the womb. It’s always been my dream to get published someday.

She/her. Cosmetologist. Writer. Vegan. Dog mom.

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