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Celestial Carnival: An Extraterrestrial's Delight

Rhyming Wonders in Mardi Gras Colors

By Hania NasirPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

In a world where stars above do gleam,

I'd introduce you to a splendid dream.

A realm of colors, both wild and bright,

Mardi Gras, a carnival of sheer delight.

Beneath the moon's soft, silvery sheen,

In New Orleans, a wonder to be seen.

With beads, masks, and costumes grand,

A lively spectacle across the land.

Join the revelry, let your spirit soar,

With music, dance, and laughter galore.

For in Mardi Gras, we unite with grace,

In this vibrant, ever-changing place.

Taste the jambalaya, spicy and hot,

And King Cake with a tiny, hidden lot.

In this celebration, joy takes its birth,

A slice of Earth's charm for a friend from outer Earth.

vintagesurreal poetryperformance poetry

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