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Catch and Release

by Yona Vaughan 5 months ago in excerpts

By Yona Vaughan

Catch and Release 


Tharrr she doesn't blow or show any signs of life! 

You could poke her with a knife and might get a

moan as that prize catch lays there like a block of stone. 


Feels like you're alone in the boat, hoping that

she'll move and groove her behind, the same way

she played and danced on your fishing line. 


Remember that time? When you thought what you 

caught would do more than just look fine? 


Now you wish you could throw this dead fish back 

into the sea. She may look pretty, but that's all you

see of her skills.


When the visual thrill is gone, you will long for a

better grade of woman than a mermaid trophy who

shows she exists as a dead fish in relationships.

Excerpt From

The Depth of Underwear Bottoms

by Yona Vaughan

Yona Vaughan
Yona Vaughan
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Yona Vaughan
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