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Candle Light of City

by E. NATASHA 4 years ago in inspirational

Legend Story Like a King in Castle Destiny

When the sky grows dark in rainy days

From a window you wishing stars in crowds

Standing in the sea of people shouting silently

Legend story like a king in castle destiny

When the rain preferred over people nearby

Reminded you back to the traveling of lost

Piece of story that has not been written

The secret of old books that have not been read

In the city light you are trying to find

Road to fly high without having to drop a star

Beautiful history without a black trace of hatred

Mystery of ancient buildings that has never been revealed

In the city light you are trying to find

Peace of journey without hate speech banner

Freedom of speech without degrading others

The sights of rains without fear of dying

In the city light you are trying to find

Friendship without a game of numbers

Writing without having to see marked red

Quiet breathing space without social class

In the city light you are trying to find

A sense of trust like the night with stars

An angel without wings in a never ending love story

Adventure of world life without played drama stage

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I'm writer/author/ghost writer based in Bali, Indonesia. I love traveling, diving, mountains & photography. My principle,"Life is not just for breathing!" My email : [email protected] , happy to share :)

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