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Can I Hold On

by Valerie Gessler 2 years ago in surreal poetry
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Bantering thoughts

Has it been ten years or a thousand? I’ve lost all track of time.

You are my time. You are my life. If I’ve lost you, what do I have?

Never, I said never would I let you go. But I was wrong.

I am not strong, You are strong. You hang on. I need your strength.

Countless times you built me up and I as strong.

And countless times I congratulated myself on my accomplishment.

Ha. my accomplishments....

If it was mine, then why did it all come crashing down the moment I let you go?

I can’t make it snow, I can’t make it rain. Yet I think I can all the same.

A glass house was all that came from the shame and darkness I obtained.

And when that house became rubble, it was then that I started to stumble right back into your arms.

You never let go....I did. You said you wouldn’t leave, but I could jump. Jump I did, it was my very great sin.

But I’m back now, and here to stay. Invited in where I know I’m safe.

I turned the key and open the door to the only place I could restore.

surreal poetry

About the author

Valerie Gessler

I’m Valerie Gessler,

I love to write stories that I pray will come alive as you read them. That you can put yourself in the characters place, and feel and experience the same breakthrough. I write from the heart. I hope you enjoy them!

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