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Calling Me

Rhythm of My Ancestors

By Deborah PortilloPublished 6 years ago 1 min read
Photo by Thomas Kelley on Unsplash

For I hear the beating of the drums

Boom boom boom boom

For I hear their cries and chants

With the drums

Boom boom boom boom

For I not know what they are chanting and crying out

But deep in my soul

I hear them calling

I hear them chanting

My heart beats with the rhythm of the drums

Boom boom boom boom...

For it is my ancestors that dwell within me that know these cries; that know these chants.

For it is my ancestors that release my tears for all of those who have ever known the cries, the chants, and the rhythm of drums that go

boom boom boom.

For I carry with me my ancestors

That will forever carry on

With the rhythm of my heart like those ceremonial drums.

Boom boom boom

nature poetry

About the Creator

Deborah Portillo

I’m just an amateur writer, expressing my hopes, dreams, and nightmares for all to read. A lot of my short stories come from nightmares, while my poems are expressed from hopes, dreams, and feelings.

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