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Call Slop

by Éan Bird 2 months ago in fact or fiction · updated 2 months ago
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Comfort Muffled

Call Slop
Photo by Jakub Pabis on Unsplash

i opened no notes, noted*

abnormal matter

albeit uncomplicated pedagogue

under auditor absorption


thou allowance thus hath finished capacities

for the impotent of chirrups

an examiner, venerable

though adroit, should know no

poetry. About

bygone, this vociferous summons

in scrawling assuagement ballads


Post-Pandemic, too

a tendentious competition, concluded

by an experienced educator

imploring of only H20 NaCl zephyr

a resojourn to origin

a note, a song, a pulsed call

I’m tired. Weary.

I opened no notes, yesterday

henceforth unpublish peruses against

elements, alien. Naught nihility emptied depleted of

poetic ideas, out of steam

can't give another stroke to the word that,

pillow muffled, sounds akin to convert


*figured if Hemingway could stomp prose like an elephant, I could moan poetry like a whale.



fact or fiction

About the author

Éan Bird

Reluctant Writer. Teacher-on-pause.

Hawking vocal contests for love letters.

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