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Call Me

by Savannah McCain 4 years ago in art
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Inspired by a Writing Prompt

Canvas Poster abstract silhouette women girl paint splatter artwork.

They didn’t call.

I had been waiting all day for a call, or a text, but never received one. I looked at my phone and saw it was still early. Enough time to go somewhere and get something to eat. Obviously they’re not coming tonight.

I make it back to my apartment in enough time to catch the beginning of Good Times.

I’m not mad

Eating take-out and watching Good Times is more interesting when alone… still, I check my phone.


I’m not mad

I look at my phone one more time.

This time I see a name

It’s not theirs, but it is someone wondering what I’m doing.

Thankfully, through text message one cannot see my disappointment.

I’m not mad


About the author

Savannah McCain

I'm just a potato trying to become the best vodka I can be. My writing has no purpose. When I write, I write what is on my mind at the time. Some days I can write something funny and sweet, and others I would write something dark.

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