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by Dorothea Langevin 3 days ago in social commentary

... or: "I almost flunked Kindergarten!"

Color Me: Channelling my 6-year old self's Color Story


“I almost flunked Kindergarten!”


a common start

to one’s life story… I suppose.

Yet, oh, so true

in my life’s case.

Asked in a School Readiness Test

to color

the outline of a lady:

umbrella, coat, hat and shoes,

in dreary colors:

black, navy, grey and brown



Too cruel a treatment

of such a nice Mamsell.

So, instead,

I chose

lovely, pleasing colors

that complemented

her look and cheerful personality,

oh, so much better.

I was real pleased with the result,

I’m not too proud to state!

As so was she, it seems,

for her reflection is all smile and happy hues.

Needlessly to say:

I did flunk that test!

And was deemed - it seemed - not ready

to advance in my career.


at least it pleased my thought,

my fashion model

did not have to suffer

the neglect of being clothed

in shades of drab,

and nuances of bore!

Dorothea Langevin 5/2/2021 - channeling her 6 year old self

(Excerpts from my Professional Career since then: Tailor, Apparel Engineer, Textile Designer, Artist … :)

social commentary
Dorothea Langevin
Dorothea Langevin
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Dorothea Langevin

Until about 10 years ago I would have never considered myself a writer. I started out with poetry. Out of necessity. I needed an outlet to process - life.

Oh, I always had stories in my head. Only now are they coming out into the light.

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