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By the Greens, Surrounded

by Jane Grows Garden Rooms about a year ago in nature poetry
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An ode to my garden rooms

Here I sit, surrounded

Green and green and green

Regularly astounded

By colours of every hue

But still, without the green

True beauty, muted, unseen.

Verdant, vivacious, vibrant, viridescent

Complementing, creating

For every hue an accent

Blue green, grey green, luscious green

Emerald, jade, viridian, lime

Every breath, fresh air sublime.

Here I sit for hours,

Through sun and heat

Through storms and showers

Drinking in the changing light

Illuminating, reflecting, making it seen

The splendour in the green.

Here I create in dusty shirt,

Bent backed, stretched high

Carrying buckets to wet the dirt.

Landscaping, creating, hydrating

That I might sit astounded

By the greens, surrounded.

By Jane Grows Garden Rooms

nature poetry

About the author

Jane Grows Garden Rooms

Jane lives in Australia. She's trying to create a comfortable home for the birds, the bees and the rest of her family. Contributions to Vocal indulge Jane's lifelong passion for writing, waxing lyrical about things that matter in her world.

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