by Melanie Ernestina about a year ago in slam poetry

A close examination of our experiences in this life.


They don’t get what you’re trying to say,

they don’t acknowledge what you feel,

they don’t listen to what they’ve heard.

It’s absurd.

Your existence is convenient

Your homeland obsolete, you’re incomplete

In this new world

You bore the children of presidential Kings

Your wombs ripped apart for science

You healed the world with your blood, you mothered your enemies

And you cried over your men

And yet again, She is invisible

The Nile could flow from between her hips

Everyone takes a sip

But if she cries out in pain, conveniently they all refrain

You are all my enemy when I wanted nothing more than a friend

No matter the Knowles

No matter the Bland

Even if R Kelly bound your hands

Of course #MeToo overlooked you

They photoshop them in and cut your skin out

X marked the spot.

“The most disrespected woman in America,

is the black woman”

He had it wrong.

It’s the world.

slam poetry
Melanie Ernestina
Melanie Ernestina
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