Butterfly in a Trap

A Poem

Butterfly in a Trap

I'm in too deep or do I

Really want to be in that predicament ?

I've lost myself in all this


I don't know who

I am or if I can really take

it anymore....

Can I really be this crazy or

do I want to be?

So many unanswered questions

I look at my world like it's

my little hiding place

When in reality it's not....

It's the place I need to hide from

My weakness is fear and failure

My mind feels like it's going to

burst into a million pieces

I keep it together with all the

humanity I have left

Little of me...

Being taken from me little by little

No humanity left but

there is my soul, my spirit and

what pride I have left in my path

It is no longer there

That beautiful teal

butterfly is stuck in an immortal


It can never escape.

nature poetry
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