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burnt things and dead roses

by Joachim 2 months ago in heartbreak
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Noah / Jan 30

It won’t hurt if you leave.

My fingers no longer bleed

When I pick you roses.

The venom from the bee stings

Flows freely in my blood.

There is a hole in between my lower ribs

Waiting for your knife to lodge itself in.

I walked on shattered glasses

And burning wood

Before coming to you

So the pain of moving on

Is more than just a friend.

It shouldn’t hurt if you leave

Beers no longer taste bitter

After the first sip;

I tried sprinkling salt

All over my open wounds

To get it to hurt

When the numbness bores you.

It will hurt if you leave

My fingers will be sensitive again,

The hole in my stomach will scar

And venom won’t flow as easily

Should you stay long enough.

I want the numbness gone

But I’m scared of

Feeling new again.

Beauty lies in contrasting decisions.


About the author


My name is Noah. I have always enjoyed writing a couple of short stories here and there when I have trouble focusing on bigger, more demanding tasks. Oh, how entertaining would it be if I started writing for the world to see :)

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