Building My Home

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Building My Home

I yearned for more.

More love. More attention

More of a thought. More of a connection

Instead, I found that I needed to form a way to grow, create a new home. To prune my insecurities and mend the crumbling roof of doubt I was being shown.

Placing truth and honesty in all the holes punched throughout. Building new walls of purpose and confidence, slowly tearing down the old walls worn with doubt.

To hold up this new version of a person I had gone without.

Tending to my pathway with love and dignity. Digging up the past and replacing it with certainty.

Once the place began to look like new, I added layers of paint and interests that rang true.

When it had all been finished, in my mind there was no doubt. Building my new home would leave me standing with pride as I gazed out.

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Steven Altman
Steven Altman
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Steven Altman


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