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by Angie Tailor-Joice 7 months ago in inspirational

A love/hate relationship

I hate my brown skin.

I hate that I am different, I hate that I stand out;

I hate that when you look at me you think I know what I'm about.

You think I have a corner shop, an arranged marriage, and no voice.

You think that I'm subserviant, with no opinions and no choice.

I hate my brown skin.

It makes me a target for your ignorance, for you to taunt and disapprove;

It's easy to take racist potshots at a target too scared to move.

I hate my brown skin.

I wish I had white skin, that I was pale and light and fair.

I wish I had cute freckles and my arms weren't covered in hair.

I wish I looked like the other girls, and my face wasn't so dark;

Maybe boys would think I'm pretty, or even notice me. That would be a start.

I hate my brown skin

Being Indian is the least cool type of brown.

Black is so much cooler, Bob Marley, great hair and motown. That's some type of crown!

I feel like a second class person, like I'm almost but not quite good enough;

I would be though if only it wasn't for this brown coloured skin stuff.

And then I got older, got bolder. Grew. Spread my wings a little. Flew.

Flew above the ignorance. Flew above the clouds. Flew above the mainstream, and all the bigoted voices shouting loud.

I love my brown skin.

I love all of my heritage, I love all of my past.

I love how with my children my brown legacy will last.

I love to wear a sari, and a bhindi on my head,

I loved the henna on my hands the day that I was wed.

I love my brown skin.

I love that I am different, and I love that I stand out.

I love that when you look at me you don't know what I'm about.

I don't care if you think I'm a doctor, or a pharmacist or wife;

I don't care if you think you know me or know anything about my life.

I love my brown skin.

I love my honey golden skin, it glows with warmth and health.

I love my shiny, sleek black hair, I love the colour of myself.

I love my brown skin.

I love to stand up and prove you wrong when you think I should be meek,

When you try and silence me I will stand up and speak.

I am proud of who I am. I am proud of being brown.


Angie Tailor-Joice

Woman, Feminist, Mother, Wife, Writer. Passionate about Easetenders, sleeping, the 90's, starting projects and not finishing them and pointed-toe stilettoes.

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Angie Tailor-Joice
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