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Brothers' Bond

Children in Play

By CadenPublished 27 days ago 1 min read

In the soft embrace of twilight's glow,
Two brothers dance where the breezes blow.
Their laughter, like music, fills the air,
As they play together without a care.

The elder, with strength and gentle grace,
Leads his younger brother in the chase.
With arms wide open, he twirls him 'round,
Their joyful giggles a delightful sound.

Beneath the oak tree's sprawling shade,
They mold mud into castles they've made.
With dirty hands and joyful cries,
Their imaginations reach for the skies.

As stars twinkle in the evening light,
They bid farewell to their playground bright.
But memories linger, a bond so true,
Of a man and his brother, in moments they knew.

For in the tapestry of childhood's delight,
Their shared laughter glows ever bright.
A cherished memory, forever enshrined,
Of a man and his brother, hearts intertwined.

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