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Thoughts of the Silent


Different people

have rhymed

the same words

a thousand times

trying to find

original thoughts

original lines

whip em up

to sell for dimes,

its self demise.

Cause the most original

thoughts to mine

are the ones

inside your mind

wrapped in your feelings.

Not the ones you made for viewing.

The ones in journals

spoken word

the thoughts that

only god has heard

thats what will

captivate the world;


to know you're not alone

is comforting.

There are millions out there

hurting constantly

just like me.


not all of them make it.

I remember

when i was alone

i almost couldn't take it.

i went insane and

my reality

felt so blatant-

ly pointless.

My life was strangling me.

And i laid waiting

for an imaginary swat team

to swoop in

and save me

from all these horrible things.

But that's just not actuality.

No one else

is gunna breathe for me.

If i ain't here,

who else is gunna help me be


Then it occurred to me.

Who else

is going to help the weak?

Carry out

this legacy

of helping people find their dreams

and themselves?

I ain't got nobody else,

but these people

going through hell

they're alone

and i can help

I'm the swat team.

I don't want anybody else

to feel like i do

or have felt.

So i need to be here.

For them;

the ones

that feel forgotten.

For those;

too hurt

to want to know

where life might go.

But just trust me;

have faith.

Don't put your life at stake

you're worth the wait.

I promise you

theres more to taste

than just


I know you're breakin'.

But if you think

you're not strong enough


you're mistaken.

Cause i'm still here,

and i'm unshaken.

My demons, they still come for me

but now i can face them.

Your mentality is yours

So grab a sword

and get to shapin'.

Don't let the negative

erase the truth.

Your soul is beautiful

embrace you;

start anew.

The world is out there

and its waiting,

for you and

what you've got for giving;


The one, the only

invisible drug.

And this world

don't have enough.

Spread it

deal it

push the stuff.

Remind humanity thereof.

Bring it out

to the streets;

Put it back

between the sheets.

So many use it

and abuse it

for a moment

of amusement.

We're lost as humans.

And i fear

for no improvement.

So many of us

have lost sight

of what is wrong

and what is right.

We need to come together;


Enough hearts

have gotten frostbite.

Different people

have rhymed

the same words

a thousand times

trying to describe


and how it

affects our minds.

Its all around you

all the time.

Different thoughts

different vibes

different people

same demise.

Listen; hear.

Open your eyes.

You're not alone

we all agonize


Cause behind

every rhyme

every thought

every line

every person

set of eyes

all their words

all their lies

every hug

every crime

each and every

single smile

you'll always find

a common thing:


Broken human being.

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