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Broken Scales of Justice

A Poem about Dealing With Mistreatment

By Michelle LiewPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
Broken Scales of Justice
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All of us have been victims of injustice, whether significant or otherwise. When we encounter unfairness, our typical response is to retaliate in frustration. I know I bristle, and I'm a firecracker. And who can blame us?

Injustice is difficult to swallow. Forgiving someone who has taken us for granted or taken advantage of us is no walk in the park. The scales of justice are impossible to fuse when broken, and seeking vengeance is a natural reaction. 


Retaliation may not be a suitable response. Perhaps the person had a bad day and needs a bit of empathy. Seeking justice

of any kind is difficult if the person who broke those scales is one of higher authority than yourself. 

How, then, should we respond? We should never, of course, condone the behavior - we are trying to be positive without being Pollyanna. Offer a bit of empathy at a suitable time. Calmly assert yourself and set boundaries.

Enjoy this Abecedarian poem. 

A pair of scales shattered

Broken links

Chains battered

Dragged awry, stand unstable

Even balance no longer able

Forgoing arm of he who shakes, 

Grace in short stock

Heart aches

Icy cold, like Arctic Rocks

Joined plates of probity at stake

Kinship with he who rocks the stand

Links of love in disarray, hard to mend

Mercy's balance with a thought restored

On even floor, blindfold no more ignored

Probity swings slowly, though not grand

Quiet lady justice lifts the scales,

Rickety they are, they tell their tale

Silently she sets her bounds

To those who dare to trounce

Unifies broken scales when time comes round

Vengeance not needed

When even mercy heeded

Xenodike lady and spear 

Yield to none, still appear

Zoom to heal when pleaded. 


About the Creator

Michelle Liew

Hi, i am an English Language teacher cum freelance writer with a taste for pets, prose and poetry. When I'm not writing my heart out, I'm playing with my three dogs, Zorra, Cloudy and Snowball.

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  • Test4 months ago

    A wonderful poem.

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