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Broken Heart

I was like 13

By Joseph McCallPublished 4 months ago 1 min read

Have you ever heard of a guy that cries

Look deep into my eyes

You'll see a broken heart

My soul ripped apart

Love can be torture

But it can also nurture

It can heal at will

But it can also destroy or kill

It affects me everyday

In almost every way

That's why when

You look into my eyes, you'll see just then

Why I have a broken heart

Why my soul is ripped apart

So can someone help me

Anyone can't you see

The pain inside

Why I've cried

Come and help me heal

Love me and make it real

Cuz if its fake

It would be a mistake

It would make me cry

Feel like i wanna die

But i guess you don't care

It just isn't fair

That I have a broken heart

And my soul's been ripped apart

I walk around

And hear the sound

Of love in the air

It's something I just can't bear

These couples holding hands

While I'm falling like grains of sa nds

In an hourglass

I'm lying in the grass

Staring at the stars above

Hoping to find my true love

But instead I feel pain

From loneliness that drives me insane

It's eating me limb by limb

My life keeps going dim

So this is it

My life just doesn't fit

Because of my broken heart

And my soul still being ripped apart


About the Creator

Joseph McCall

Start writing...i prefer to right poetry but i aspire to write full novels i need money to go to college for creative writing to pursue my talents

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