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Broken Glass

by Michèle Nardelli 2 months ago in heartbreak · updated 2 months ago
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by Michèle Nardelli

Along the hot, white beach, it glistened green,

bright among the scallops and periwinkles.

Strange and smooth, mother sun shining through it

like an omen.

He took it into himself, kept it as a talisman.

Deep in his skin bag, he could trace his fingers

over it, feeling its hard sparkle, a twinkle

in his pocket.

At night he listened to the grandmother and

grandfather stories, looking for the meaning of

the green stone – was it a tree spirit, tumbled and

lost at sea?

It entered his dreaming, large and ominous.

A staring lizard lens, looking into past and future,

and it grew heavy and brooding in his soul.

An ugly premonition.

Glinting, green, eyes pierce his night

from armies of relentless men

who wait in boats as big as mountains,

to stride ashore.

He wanted to say something, tell someone,

to preach a warning about the wanton tides.

Yet it defied all explanation, it was a puzzle,

an encroaching green.

Instead, he went down to the ocean to find the place,

and return it to the sand and sea, to un-disturb

the harmony it had broken - fiercely hoping

to stem the tide.


About the author

Michèle Nardelli

I write...I suppose, because I always have. Once a journalist, then a PR writer, for the first time I am dabbling in the creative. Now at semi-retirement I am still deciding what might be next.

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  • Michelle Renee Kidwell2 months ago

    Awesome poem, very well done…

  • As I read it I could hear the ring of swords clashing, I could smell the rum and the sweat and the tang of the ocean. The last verse, you wrote "the harmony it had broken". Did you perhaps mean the harmony "he" had broken? Just wondering but very nicely done!

  • C. H. Richard2 months ago

    Beautiful visual. Loved this story telling poem ❤️

  • Rebecca Ridsdale2 months ago

    Beautifully written. I flowed with the heartbreak.

  • Matras Dohrmann2 months ago


  • La Coulon J2 months ago


  • Ye Er fan2 months ago


  • El Cabri2 months ago


  • Square bit2 months ago


  • Beautifully written.

  • Laura Lann2 months ago

    Such a complete and delightful story that is thought provoking yet told with so few words.

  • Jacob Sherman2 months ago

    I may have ascended to a higher level of artistry simply by reading this. Time will tell. Thank you for sharing.

  • Melissa Ingoldsby2 months ago


  • Diane Siefkes2 months ago

    I'm just exploring poetry and I enjoyed your work, thanks!

  • Jason Ray Morton2 months ago

    Wonderfully worded. Thanks for sharing your work.

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