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Broken Butterfly

by AntiqueDolly 7 months ago in heartbreak

One Bloody Red & One Sorrowful Blue

Broken Butterfly
Photo by Beckett Ruiz on Unsplash

One's a sorrowful blue The other one a bloody red.

A broken butterfly sings a sad solo song.

All alone, one wing is a sorrowful blue filled with emotion and deep sadness of levels unknown.

This pain we will never know, we will never hold.

Still we will try and the silent blue butterfly will cry alone with tears we will never know.

The butterfly can't speak to us it doesn't know how.

It watches, near us, and on our shoulder by our side.

Trying to speak the way we speak.

The words don't come through, nobody knows.

The butterfly wants someone to understand.

It wants someone to place its hand out and gently in a soft voice speak words it will know.

Tell it what to talk about.

The broken butterfly waits forever no such person shows.

The butterfly cries tears we will never know.

Cold tears and long tears and then the tears change.

Warm tears out of anger, out of confusion.

Crying till the tears dry up and the heart aches from the seclusion

At this climax in the story after all the tears come out it stops.

The broken butterfly can no longer move.

It's wings turn red. It bleeds from the thing it needs most.

Heart, and Soul. The broken butterfly breaks apart.

It’s the very last song.

One wing a sorrowful blue of memories past.

The other a bloody red of the last moments of pain.

It's last moments of trying to fly.

With no hope at all.

All the red pours out with the blue.

It sings it's last song for all of you.


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Photo was drawn of my OC from Gaia Online by User -Picatin

I am just here to enjoy stories, and maybe introduce my own.

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