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Broken Bonds

The Pain of a Lost Friendship

By MaheshhPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Broken Bonds
Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash

We shared our secrets and our dreams,

But now those memories just seem

Like distant echoes of a past

That's faded fast.

We laughed and joked and had some fun,

But now the friendship we had begun

Has crumbled, broken, and decayed,

Leaving me in a lonely shade.

I never thought that we would part,

But now my heart is filled with dart,

Of pain and hurt, of grief and loss,

Of what was once a friendship's gloss.

I try to move on and forget,

But the memories of you I can't let

Go, they linger in my mind,

Reminding me of what I've left behind.

I try to understand the why,

But the reason for our friendship's die

Eludes me, leaving me in pain,

And I can't help feeling a sense of disdain.

I'll miss the bond that we once shared,

And the memories that we had dared

To make, but now they're all in vain,

For the friendship that we had is now in disdain.

I'll take the lessons that I've learned,

And hope my bridges will not be burned

But the pain of losing you, my friend,

Will stay with me until the very end.

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Hello, my name is Mahesh. I am a creative individual and I enjoy creating stories, such as ghost stories and fiction. I would like to share my stories and I hope that you will take the time to read them. Thank you.

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