Broken from all your ties.


Look at what you've done to her,

Broken her into small pieces that she doesn't know how to get her back.

Look at what you've done to her,

Broken all the trust, the promises you made.

Just try and look in those eyes,

That starve to have a glimpse of you.

The pain you have made her go through is so immense

Causing tears which are never going to end!

Considered you her life, her best friend, her everything,

Just for the name of love thinking, you will always be there.

But the sad part is you didn't care,

Because you had something called "Personal Life" which couldn't be shared.

Keep an eye on her, she won't mind

Go through something that belongs to her, she won't mind.

But if you don't be there when she really needs you

Just tell me where will she hide?

Just to let you know she's sensitive, in love

Wants nothing but you, your company, your presence.

Maybe you don't realize this now

But hope you do before it gets too late.

She will always love you

No matter how far away you are.

No matter how many personal things you have,

Keep in mind you'll never find someone like her.

sad poetry
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