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Brick Road

by E. C. Gabriel 2 months ago in inspirational
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Brick Road
Photo by Lili Popper on Unsplash

The world can be a scary place...

There are monsters demons dementors ghouls and ghasts

Creepies crawlies and costly casualties

Fierce enemies and ferocious endings.

The mind can be a labrynth of thoughts,

With open ended questions and ponderance that

never ends;

Emotions are of course exhausting

And we never really understand our place in this world.

Well I'll tell ya,

Your placement is up to you.

You have the option to go where you want

To face the demons of the world

Cast out your ghasts

And express your emotions.

The world can be a scary place,

And your brain is no different.

Have bravery and walk your path

Lay the stones and fill the grout

Watch before you and gleam with joy

The world is ours,

And it's meant to be.


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E. C. Gabriel


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