Breathe in Happiness, Exhale Sadness

by Kandi Bean 2 years ago in inspirational

Changes in Life

Breathe in Happiness, Exhale Sadness

As I embark on this new life journey, with the man I love, I am engulfed in a sea of joy and happiness.

Yet, a rage of darkness and sorrow follow closely behind. I set my course straight ahead toward the light.

If I allow myself to be engulfed in the dark, I shall wallow in my own sorrow. I'd be stricken with grief and may drown in the sea of my tears.

Instead I shall fight, to keep towards the light. There is great promise for the light, great journeys ahead.

The darkness keeps scratching and clawing, trying to escape the hidden stash I've kept away in my head.

The tears and sorrow try to creep up. So I surround myself with love, good company I try to keep.

Yet some way, the dark and unexpected monsters of life find a way to enter into the light.

In a failed attempt to drag me to the darkest depths of sorrow, where loneliness reigns and sadness prevails.

None shall penetrate my light and overtake the happiness in sight. Though days it's hard and seems easier to give in.

I hold my head high and breathe all the happiness and joy in. Exhale all the darkness and grief.

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Kandi Bean

I am a newly wed. I am a happy mother of 3 beautiful children. I was abused as a child and I use my experiences with hurt and pain in life to help other's going through similar situations. I wish nothing but happiness and hope to everyone.

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