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Bourgnewian Golden Age

by Matthew Primous 3 months ago in art
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The Corneliusan Era

From Perpertual

to Humanity to Grace

to Unity to Freedom to


From the North Sea

to the Valley of the Kings

From Great Langsford

to Ashpool Cross to

Galloway Forest to Moonland

to Adlu Du Laispere to Ardmore Base.

May we remain foever free

May we remain liberated

Under Heaven may we

enlighted the unwise

and bring peace to our friends

May we continue as our stars

and change things for better

And dismantle falsehood

May the Royal Orders stand.

May our nation rise for the needy

May our nation rise for hopeless

May our nation lift up others

Ane be an encouragement to others

Let successors remember when they

see the land and all the wonders in heaven.

May we displayed the values whose our stars are

named after. From freedom to liberty to humanity

to unity to grace to freedom to perpertual forever.


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Matthew Primous

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